- Sophia Afsar - Founder

Beauty and Faith

It wasn’t easy growing up as a Muslim girl in a non-Muslim country. I found it very difficult in my teenage years, especially at school. I saw the differences in how I was allowed to dress in comparison with other girls my age.

I imagine there’s not a sister out there, in a similar situation, who hasn’t struggled with this identity crisis.

I did feel different, so I tried harder to fit in. I couldn’t use clothing or music to stand out as my religion prohibited this. I therefore turned to makeup to try establishing an identity.

I found it frustrating to find a makeup that suited me. The big brand makeups are more designed for western skin tones.

This frustration alongside my desire to not go against my faith, influenced my decision to create Aana.

A Halal makeup specially designed for Muslim women.

 I want every sister who buys it, to feel confident its 100% Halal. This involves very strict auditing, testing and compliance. But I believe it’s worth it. It’s all or nothing when it comes to Halal. Having the HMC logo gives you the peace of mind that the product is genuine Halal.

The whole idea behind what I’ve created, is for all women to feel beautiful in their own skin, whilst pleasing Allah by making the right choice. Jazakallah Khair - Sophia