Common Questions

How is it different to the #FauxFilter Liquid Foundation?
#FauxFilter Skin Finish is in a stick form and provides a natural, medium buildable coverage on skin whereas #FauxFilter is a liquid texture and provides a luminous matte, full coverage on skin.

What are the benefits of using a stick foundation vs a liquid?
Our #FauxFilter Skin Finish provides a more natural, sheer coverage when compared to our #Fauxfilter foundation. Additionally, a stick is also more portable, and less messy in comparison to a liquid foundation.

Will I be the same shade in Faux Filter Liquid and Stick?
We've updated a few shades; it is always wise to check your shade again just to be sure. (see chart here)

Is it vegan?
Yes, our #FauxFilter Skin Finish is vegan.